An Anonymous Assault Reporting App:

DiaLog lets you store your testimony when an assault happens, but lets anyone verify that your testimony has been unchanged since the date it was logged.

Remove the pressure to speak out before you are ready, and the burden of hoping people will take you at your word

  • Immutable – Prove that your testimony has not been changed since the time incident
  • Timeless – Prove the date on which your testimony was written – even years later
  • Anonymous – No one but you can see or access your testimony, even us
  • Trustless – anyone you present it to can independently verify the contents and date of your testimony— without even needing to trust you or us.

How it works

DiaLog uses blockchain technology to store and retrieve your testimony.

Blockchains are not like regular databases. The information is not held by us, it is encrypted and stored across a global network of computers.

This makes it impossible to edit or delete. And it means that your testimony is only re-discoverable by you, with the key code and text you provided.

Once you are ready to come forward and use your testimony, you can give out the text and key code you have, and anyone who has it can look at the blockchain and see what your testimony says and when it was written — without having to trust you, and without having to trust us.

The only thing that needs to be trusted is the cryptography, and the integrity of the blockchain. Two things which even the governments of superpowers would have a hard time fabricating.

With DiaLog, your data is cryptographically secure when you keep the key code to yourself — only you can see it.

And your data is cryptographically verifiable when you share the key code with others — any one can prove its integrity and date.

About Us

We believe victims. But too many times, arbitrators and courts take a little more convincing — with documentation that victims often can’t provide or verify. That’s why we created DiaLog, the anonymous assault reporting app that lets you store your testimony about your assault when it happens, but lets anyone you present it to, verify for themselves that your testimony has been unchanged since the date it was logged — without even needing to trust you or us.

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